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Hellokidoki! This is a bericht for the mensen that Nederlander willen worden, but nog not so good Dutch spreken and kennen lezen, like vluchtelingen. What ik want to talk over is dat the elections eraan coming. In case you wist het niet, then you know it nu. And omdat the politicians graag wanting that you integrate, which means becoming a gezellig family member, you must let op.

But voordat I go further, you may heb jezelf asked: why is this man schrijven in stonecoal Engels? Well, I dacht this is makkelijker for jou en so you have not alles op te zoeken in de dictionary. It is my way om you halfway tegemoet te komen so to speak.

Okidoki, let us begin by the basis. Vroeger the Dutch politic partijen were categorized in ‘links’ and ‘rechts’. It stood voor caring for people first (Left), or zorgen voor people with money first (Right). That is nog steeds a little bit so, but sinds the verzorgingsstaat is broken down with help of the left rakkers of de PvdA, it is niet zo duidelijk anymore.

Ook confusing is that today de dag, there are also partijen that are a mix of left and rechts. One voorbeeld is the club of mister Pechtold, waarmee you can go alle kanten op. So dat is one of the redenen that het D’66 still not is gelukt to brengen grote changes in democratiseren Nederland. Yes, they are proberen it now for 51 years, that you hebt good uitgerekend.

More gekker is that er zijn a lot of parties with één issue , like de animalpartij, de party for old hippies (50+) en Artikel 1 of miss Simons. In case of the silly woman: her prioriteit is to get rid of the black Piet on 5 december. To cut a lang verhaal short: she says that all the black flexworkers on that dag moeten hiden, omdat they anders being discriminated. If you do not snap it: no problem, neither do wij.

To make it nutser, there are clubs which on de eerste face look to focus on one issue, but bij nader inzien talk about more dingen. For voorbeeld Green Left. Now vraag je je af: but what about rechts? Don’t worry. If left is green, and you draai 180 graden, then right is also green. Pussy in het bakkie.

The most crazy of alles is mister Wilders. Why? Because hij is spreken like he is zo lam als een dronkenlap. Yes it’s waar. En volgens the goeroe of the opiniepeiling Maurice the Dog, wild Wilders is going to win, like that idiot that is racing through de Witte Huis like een olifant through the porceleinkast down there in the Divided States.

Less eng, but still very gek, is our so genaamde leader Mark. He is a nice gozer, which he showed onlangs when discussing de Teeven-deal with de 2e chamber. What hij deed? He imitated waiter Manuel, you weet wel from de tv-serie Falwty Towers, by zeggen ‘I know nothing’. We pisten our pants wet from ‘t lachen.

And de rest? They zijn not gevaarlijk, although opmerkelijk is dat er is one party which noemt itself Jezus Leeft. But natuurlijk wij all weten that mijn sister leeft, so why bother?

So nu you know hoe het sits. And in case if jij want to become a Dutchie, you nu have an idea naar who your voice of Holland in de toekomst will go and you can stem wiser.

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